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I sometimes think it might be better for my sanity and emotional well-being as a musician to not read almost any music press at all. I try really hard not to compare myself to anyone and I know I’m not doing any of this with some goal of Making It Big. But I can’t help but seethe with a mixture of rage, jealousy and frustration that someone like Karen O can put out a collection of 14 songs that sound like she recorded each one after rolling over in bed, brushing the sick out of the corners of her mouth and warbling into a tape recorder from 1987 whilst clumsily strumming a guitar and it’s advertised, lionized and gif-ized all over the web. But then I know I’ll be at band practice tomorrow night making noise with my bandmates and feeling like we’re flying under our very own power. Sigh.

Throwing Muses‘ first new album in 10 years, 2013′s Purgatory/Paradise, is finally coming to vinyl — and cassette. Last fall, the Kristin Hersh-led band released the album as part of a multimedia set, packaging the 32-track CD within a 64-page book of lyrics, commentary, photos and art; Purgatory/Paradise was also available as an e-book-and-music app. Now, HHBTM Records has announced it will issue vinyl and tape editions of the album on October 28.

The vinyl release comes as a double-LP, with what a press release describes as a “super thick gatefold dual pocket Tip-On sleeve” and a fold-out, full-color, double-sided insert that’s 11 inches by 22 inches. There’s also a download card. The vinyl and cassette version each can be pre-ordered in deluxe packages with a Throwing Muses tote bag and set of three full-color buttons.

Wondering Sound (via hhbtm)