Chriso Loves Music


"Window" (acoustic bedroom edit)

Ye olde buzzy acoustic guitar is back for some more homemade video goodness! “Window” is a song that is mostly about the movies Chriso watched as a gay teen that gave him some glimmer of a life he could have, of love he wanted but felt so out of reach in his small, New England town. So he took images, moments and ideas from them and turned them into a love song of sorts, throwing in a little bit of personal experiences into the mix. The full-band result is bigger, more dramatic and has fantastic drums, bass and leads to buoy the song to much higher heights. It also has 4 bars in the middle bit, but without all of the aforementioned delicious instrumentation, Chriso decided to edit the acoustic version down a bit. Can you figure out which films he’s referencing?

P.S. If you can’t stop staring at the little bits of fog created in the corners of Chriso’s glasses because he’s sweating while he plays/sings, you are not the only one.

Me once again doing an unplugged version of one of my songs. 

The Juie Ruin - “Just My Kind”

Re-watching The Punk Singer and this song got stuck in my head during a snack/pee break just now. I remember the first time I read an interview with Kathleen Hanna where she mentioned her love for Lesley Gore; a love I totally share. She sampled Gore’s “I’m Coolin’, No Foolin’” for “Stay Monkey” the best song on the first Julie Ruin album. And this track, to me, is like her take on a Lesley song. And it’s gorgeous.