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Baby Washington - The Ballad of Bobby Dawn
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The Ballad of Bobby Dawn - Baby Washington from I've Got a Feeling

My friend Tom gave me a thumb drive with about 4 gigs of music for my birthday in February, an excellent gift for me if ever there was one! Among the many excellent offerings was a treasure trove of songs by¬†Baby Washington, a soul/R&B singer Dusty Springfield once referred to as her “all-time favorite singer”. As soon as I listened to one song by Baby, I was instantly as I have little-to-no defense when it comes to female soul singers. When I was a kid it was my dream to be a backup singer for Aretha Franklin whenever my mom played a song of hers. Which would be hilarious because it makes my imagine my white, hairy, male self in a sparkly evening gown doing hand motions behind the queen of soul. Tragicomic!

But this song is divine and I’m so glad I was introduced to Baby Washington. And who doesn’t love a song about baking a file into a cake to spring their man from jail? But all joking aside, there’s an interesting undercurrent to this song in terms of a black woman singing about her man being jailed for a crime he didn’t commit. Lighthearted though the song may be, it’s speaking to an all too common situation. And Baby Washington brings that weight to it with her gorgeous, soulful vocals.

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